4g Boveda 58%


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Boveda Humidity Control Sachets will add or remove moisture within your storage container to maintain a specific relative humidity level. What allows Boveda to do this is its unique ingredients and a thickening agent contained within a reverse osmosis membrane produces a 2-way humidity control.  Maintain optimum humidity to prevent mold from forming or over dried or too crispy product.

4 Gram Boveda – 1-13 Grams of herbal weight

Below are recommendations for the various humidity levels: Boveda recommends drying to around 11% before placing into airtight containers with Boveda packs.

58% Relative Humidity

  • High humidity climates i.e Cape Town (Winter), Durban (All year)
  • Vaporiser users seem to prefer the 58%. Making it smoother.
  • If herbs that are not dry enough are placed into a jar, the 58% will be more effective at dehumidifying the jar.

One should never mix a 58% and a 62% in the same jar, as the packs will work against each other and run out very quickly.


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