Umya Mosblend


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A specialized blend of more than 30 important beneficial microorganisms blended together as an effective microorganism inoculation. Mosblend when applied to the soil builds better soil structure, benefits nitrogen fixation, helps the plant fight nematodes, insects and other parasitic organisms, by colonizing the root zone and attacking soil borne diseases.

– Increases beneficial microorganism count in soil
– Ensures sustainable soil health
– Creates a natural pH buffer
– Improved root development
– Improved nutrient uptake
– Improved plant health and immunity
– Increases carbon levels in soil
– Microbes fix nitrogen.

How to use:
1. Add 5g of Mosblend to 10L of water.
2. Allow a minimum of 30 minutes before application for microorganisms to activate.
3. Applied on a regular basis at any stage of plant growth.

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