Hemp #5 Sleep


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#5 Sleep

You need a good night’s rest. It’s one of the necessities of a healthy lifestyle.

However, stress, anxiety, and all the concerns of daily life have us lying awake

at night, minds racing at the speed of light. When designing this product, we

were looking for a strain profile that was gentle yet strong, and that was known

for its time-to-sleep properties. A strain profile that would allow the user to be

calm and exceptionally relaxed, and a strain profile that would allow the user’s

mind to be quiet and allow you to drift off into a great night’s sleep.

Northern Lights is the iconic strain profile for sleep. Dominated by pinene

and myrcene, a distinctive honeydew flavour and aroma gently combines with

pine high notes to deliver a soft yet flavour packed oil.


Each Bottle Contains:

  • 100mg Hemp Extract
  • 10ml MCT Oil


  • Take 1-6 Drops
  • Every 4 Hours

Promotes General Health