Hemp #8 Breathe


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#8 Breathe

Lung diseases and respiratory & breathing disorders are exceptionally common

in today’s world, affecting young and old alike. Being unable to breath correctly

can be debilitating, and an extremely scary experience. When designing this product,

we were looking for a terpene profile that would work well with many breathing disorders.

Only one stood out. Super Lemon Haze. Users with asthma have noted relief with minutes

& COPD sufferers have noted that they find relief and it is easier to breath, amongst others.

A complicated citrus blast with a hint of spice is the only way to describe this amazing tasting

oil! Milder on the nose than it is on the tongue, the citrus has the lemon/lime switch that happens,

but is softened by the hint of spice…


Each Bottle Contains:

  • 100mg Hemp Extract
  • 10ml MCT Oil


  • Take 1-6 Drops
  • Every 4 Hours

Promotes General Health