CBD #4 Focus


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CBD Terpene No. 4 Focus

Girl Scout Cookies Terpene Profile
CBD Terpene infused oil


So much is happening all the time, it’s often hard to get everything done because of all the distractions of our daily lives, often leaving us feeling overwhelmed and scatter-brained.

Need to hunker down and get that admin done? Battling keeping your thoughts gathered at meetings? Starting or getting back into studying? 4 Focus helps calm the mind and body, allowing you to focus longer and think clearer.

Girl Scout Cookies strain terpenes are a smell and taste sensation! Fruity high notes are subtly supported by an ever-so-slightly sour yet sweet cookie dough flavour and aroma, and is definitely a taste you’ll never forget!

10ml Container,  Infused with 100mg CBD

Take 1 – 6 Drops

Every 4 Hours


Contains 0% THC


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