Honey Puff Dab Extractor


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Honeypuff Dab Extractor.

Butane is used to extract 10 grams of dry flower into 1 gram of Wax.
Perfect for small extractions for personal use. Important – Read Carefully

Important – Read Carefully

Do not smoke while extracting.
Do not extract near any open flames, (ex: hot water tank, furnace.)
Do not remove butane can from extractor until 30 seconds after can is empty.
Do not direct inhale fumes.
Do not extract indoors without well ventilated conditions.
Do not wear loose sweaters or bulky clothing during extraction.

Important – Read Carefully

Put on safety glasses.
Dry herb to dust then place herb in extractor loosely.
Place filter inside of cap, screw cap back on extractor snug.
Go to a well ventilated area with no open flame / smoking within 150 feet / 45 meters.
Hold the single holed side up and place butane tip in, release butane though the unit. Butane sprays through unit into Pyrex tray.
Do not remove the butane can from the extractor until 30 seconds after butane can is completely empty.
Wait 24 hours and all your oil is waiting in your Pyrex tray.


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